About us

At the 1st of October 1941, the company founder an name giver Anton Große-Wentrup launched his business company as a specialized company for the realization of electro- industrial systems and installations esp. for mining and heavy industry companies.

Until 1992 the company had been affected of the line sectors of electrical engineering, domestic engineering, general engineering and realizations of constructions. Since the change of the form of enterprise from saleproprietor company to a limited liability company, two chief executive officers assumed the resposibility.
Hans-Jürgen Manke and Clemens Recker responded at an early stage to the enhanced demands and rosen requirements of the industry for automation technology and I&C engineering.
This leads the company to more specialization and an extended supply of services.

1996 the company has been accredited in accordance to the DIN ISO 9001 by „Germanische Lloyd Certification GmbH". Areas of application are general engineering, development, construction and assembly of electrotechnical plants. Named sectors are energy management, automation and I&C.

Our constituency is made up of clients like public facilities (e.g. water works, sewage plants etc.), steel and smelter companys, engine builders, aluminium companys, tube manufactures, mining companies, glass companies an many more.

To be prepared for the enhanced challenges and the growing complexibility in our time, the company has been equipped with the cutting-egde versions of PLC and visualization systems.
Furthermore a couple of CAD-systems round out our forward-looking equipment.

To keep our staff on the highest state of the art of the technical standards, courses of instruction running in regular intervals. We are sure to face up the duties, which are given to us, sucessfully.

Our experienced staff leads assemblies and services inside Germany, in the european countries and if neccessary on the whole world. Hereby the delivery of ideal solution, starting with the general engineering, supply, assembly on site through comissioning and FAT are the basic priciples of all to AGW handed over challenges. As a matter of course the complete documentation will be done according to the current VDE and UL codes.


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