Building services engineering

Today building utilities technologie is more than simple cabling. Reliable power distribution and the handling with increasing electricity currents of type-tested switchgear cabinets, bus-systems for controlling of versatile switching elements, lighting and drives for indoor and outdoor solutions and last but not least the modern office communication demands a professional and reliable technical partner.
Our modern company cope with the needs of the future orientated building services engineering and building automation. Our staff assemble e.g., mid-voltage cabinets and do the commisioning job too. Type-tested switch gear cabinets up to 4000A can be designed and manufactured in our own shop, according to the quality standards of ISO 9001. Our software experts design flexible and smart solutions for your builing with e.g. bus-systems, lighting concepts for shop and office etc. Installations jobs will be done by our own well skilled workers. Additionally, our site managers with their competence and expert knowledge guarantee for rapidly and reliable accomplishents of your building projects.

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