Sewage plants / public clients

We are partners of water board companies an fulfil the entire product and service scope for new building projects and refurbishments of:

  • sewage plants
  • rain spillway basins
  • anaysis stations
  • pump stations
  • self sufficient ICA-stations

We plan an customize your plants according to your ideas. With our particular experience in cabinet building, software engineering ans installations, we offer custom-made solutions for all parts, e.g. supply of mid-voltage cabinets up to the point of visualisation in the control room. Hereby, your project will be handled by a single responsible project manager who will coordinate the complex engineering an needed clearance between different contractors to save your time. For refurbishments and optimisations of existing plants, your partner AGW will satisfy you by working aout yout technical challenges.
Similary for re-fitting of surge-arrestors, integration of new or existing constructions, remote maintenance concepts or the back-fitting of conventional contolling into modern ICA controlling, all challenges will be fulfilled by our high quality requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.
If desired, our specialised staff will be on your side to help you with words and deeds, regardless wether during planning stage or on the project jobs.

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