About us

The Anton Große-Wentrup GmbH is a full-service provider for almost all areas of automation. We accompany our customers’ projects in all essential phases: conception, planning, design, construction, implementing, and maintenance. All services are adapted to the individual demands and requirements of our customers. We always aim to offer efficient, flexible, and individual solutions.

We are your partner for new constructions and reconstructions of existing industrial plants, in order to modernize, extent and optimize your processes. Our experience helps us to operate on working systems and to minimize the downtime.

Quality as a basic goal

We always aim to offer our customers high quality products and solutions. Therefore, we work on basis of essential quality management systems, in order to meet all your requirements and to enhance your satisfaction. Our standards are certified both with the pdfISO 9001:2015 and with the Environment and Employment Protection Management System pdfSCC**. Constant training of our employees and continuous process improvements can guarantee that we fulfill all standards and requirements.

Reliability and customer focus

We advice and care for our customers during the whole project. By establishing a continuous cooperation it is possible to react on given changes as fast as possible. We aim for maximum functionality, security, punctuality, flexibility, thoroughness, accuracy, and reliability.


As a full-service provider our services consist of the following process steps:

  • project planning and design
  • documentation and design
  • engineering and construction
  • shipment and installation
  • maintenance and repair
  • training and instruction


W are your partner for:

  • drive and control technology
  • Energy monitoring and targeting
  • electrotechnical constructions
  • control technology
  • industrial furnaces
  • instrumentation and control engineering
  • process automation
  • testing systems
  • safety engineering and camera technology
  • control engineering and technology
  • water technology