Whether or not you wish to build a new construction or modernize an existent plant—each project begins with the project planning. A good and appropriate plan is the basis for an efficient customer focused project realization; for every automation process is different and unique.

Therefore, we accompany our customers’ projects from the beginning to the end, in order to achieve a satisfying result. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the current state and given needs, the AGW develops individual solutions for your automation processes. Our goal is to offer and implement a customized and individual solution in all cases.

The first draft, the exact planning, as well as the documentation of your project are in reliable and experienced hands. As a product-independent provider, we also meet individual factory standards.


Projekt Management

  • design of the system layout
  • functional descriptions, system specifications, and hazard analysis
  • scheduling


Software Engineering

  • our software specialists are able to work with different systems
  • creation of PLC programmes for all established PLC brands
  • implementing the PLC programmes into the automation processes
  • in-depth testing of all created programmes
  • system visualization
  • process control technology


Hardware Engineering

  • we design, plan, produce, and document your electrotechnical systems
  • detailed engineering of the constructions
  • automation technology
  • instrumentation and control engineering
  • layout and construction of the switch cabinets, electrical equipment, computer and network engineering
  • assembly plans and commissioning documentation