Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct defines the basis of our work.

All set standards and rules apply both to the company management, and all employees alike. The code of conducts essentially pursues the following objectives:

  • respectful, cooperative teamwork within the company
  • customer satisfaction & customer focus
  • fair competition
  • law-abidance & data protection
  • employment protection
  • social responsibility & protection of the environment

The AGW is aware of its responsibility in all areas of society. For this reason, we always try to align our actions with the interests of the whole society.

1. Scope of Application

  • All employees and the management are committed to the Code of Conduct
  • all distribution partners also agree to comply with the standards of the AGW

2. Cooperation and Teamwork

  • we stand for a working atmosphere of respect, content, and appreciation
  • equality of opportunities
  • efficiency principle
  • no discrimination with respect to the nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other aspect of the individual)

3. Employment Protection

  • Occupational safety is a basic goal of the AGW; we take all necessary measures to identify and minimize all possible risks
  • health and risk minimization
  • we have a certified safety concept (environment and employment protection management system SCC**) to secure the health of our employees

4. Fair Competition

  • we commit ourselves to the principle of the free-market economy; any actions that manipulate and endanger fair competition are rejected
  • all employees agree to comply with applicable regulations and laws to ensure fair competition#the AGW prohibits any form of corruption and bribery
  • gifts, invitations or other benefits are only allowed if they are in accordance with normal business practices; however, they must neither be kept secret nor motivated for personal reasons nor be used for personal advantages
  • all forms of benefits are principally and categorically rejected, if they serve the purpose of influencing decisions
  • corruption is not only illegal and punishable, but also contrary to our principles of fair competition and equality of opportunity
  • we never demand or ask for any kind of benefits

5. Law and Privacy

  • the AGW naturally adheres to the applicable rules and laws
  • all products are manufactured and all services are provided in accordance with all applicable legal requirements and standards
  • accordingly, the AGW observes all laws that ensure fair competition, protect the environment, serve health and safety, and protect data privacy
  • data protection is a central concern of the AGW; all personal data of employees and customers are used exclusively for the defined purposes and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

6. Customer Focus

  • we keep our word
  • we stand for integrity, trust, and content customers
  • accommodation to individual demands and customer satisfaction are basic goals of the AGW
  • we always aim to deliver on schedule

7. Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection

  • sustainability and reasonable consumption of resources
  • environmental compatibility and waste minimization
  • we work in accordance of all valid environmental protection laws
  • no politically or confessional motivated donations
  • donations or sponsoring, e.g. to clubs or other institutions, must not be motivated by influencing decisions of any kind